Global Adjustment Challenges Facing Female Business Expatriates

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This article was published in Strategic Management Quarterly:

Gerald, R.V. (2014). Global adjustment challenges facing female business expatriates. Strategic Management Quarterly, Vol. 2(1).


According to Church study (as cite by Caligiuri and Tung, 1999, p.769) cross-cultural adjusted expatriates ‘represent a more integrative approach to new culture, [they] are open to the host culture, but integrate new behavior, norms and roles into the foundation provided by [their] home cultures.Therefore, female candidates are required to perform in low and high context society. As a result, women are must facing psycho-sociological challenges that will positively or negatively affect their cross-cultural adjustment process. This is why; it’s crucial for female expatriate to accept the acculturation process in rigid hierarchies and protocols society such as Asia and Latin America. According to Regier Won, and Regier study, “Acculturation refers to the process by which group members from one cultural background adapt to the culture of a different group.” (Mendenhall, M., & Oddou, D., 1985). In other words, women managers must have managerial and leadership skills that will dispel myths and stereotypes about their poor maladjustment process. As a result, the paper will address cross-cultural adjustment challenges facing women managers in global economy.