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Biology | Chemistry


Published in the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 2008 38, p1369.


Interaction of certain inorganic and organic compounds with activated carbon and the effect of such interaction on open circuit potential of activated carbon were studied. Open circuit potential shifts were observed for an overwhelming majority of the substances and brands of activated carbons investigated. Both negative and positive potential shifts were observed. It was shown that open circuit potential shifts for organic substances depend on degree of coverage of the activated carbon surface. Whereas adsorption of investigated organic compound on activated carbon led to positive potential shifts, desorption of adsorbates from the activated carbon surface led to potential shifts in the opposite direction. Furthermore, time dependencies of open circuit potential shifts were similar for different carbon brands. The magnitude of the shifts depended on the adsorbate, adsorption activity of the adsorbent, and the steric configuration of potential-determinative pores and adsorbate molecules.