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The guppy fish is considered by many to be a symbol of fertility, renewal, and growth. Gambusia are likely relatives of guppies and are known as mosquito fish because they largely prey on mosquito larvae. For a century, they have been used locally and globally in mosquito control. Guppies, Endler’s livebearers, and Gambusia are in the Poeciliidae family and freely interbreed in the wild. They are assumed to be in the same baramin or created kind. Their purpose in creation is often associated with harmony, balance, and abundance. It appears that the Poeciliidae family was designed with an array of genes, alleles, and traits for rapid diversification, adaptation, and survival in a variety of environments or niches. These were given by a Master Bioengineer who knew environments would change in a post-fall, post-flood world. Live-bearers (Guppies and Gambusia) change, adapt, and sometimes speciate, but they are still Poeciliid fish. The Master Craftsman would give a preload of diversity to help them accommodate whatever is needed, though they must still struggle for survival in a fallen world.

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