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The immune system is an intelligently made system designed for interaction with microbes even in a perfect world; it is more than a defense. However, in a post-fall world, it is primarily a body’s defense system. Battle imagery is appropriate for describing the interaction with pathogens and parasites. A person’s blood becomes more potent over time as that person prevails and overcomes pathogens and parasites with its newly formed antibodies in high numbers. Antibodies have the secret locked away to defeat the germ that has invaded. The second infection usually has minimal harm; hence, the “wise” blood is more likely to defeat the enemy. Immunization derives from the brilliant pioneering work of Edward Jenner, a Christian physician, and Louis Pasteur, a creation microbiologist; they solved this time-delay problem for the body. By exposing the body to a weakened or “killed” pathogen, a vaccine shrinks the time for the secondary response of IgG (immunoglobin). Now the body can flood the battle scene with prepared antibodies and can overwhelm intruders.

Timing presents by far the biggest challenge to the body’s protective system (Brand and Yancy, 1984). Bodily defenses are strictly an “umbrella” against the “rain” of pathogens and parasites that attack the body. We live in the gap between beneficial colonization and host immune response; otherwise, infection or disease occurs. Vaccination shortens the secondary, intense antibody response. It has “wised-up” to the enemy, and it overcomes the germ, pathogen, or parasite. Antibodies produced in the body represent beauty, complexity, and providential orderliness that exemplify how the body is fearfully and wonderfully made design, glorifying their Creator.

Normally, the body loses crucial hours while breaking the code of the new pathogen or parasite while manufacturing antibodies to combat it. With immunization, a prior shot exposes the body to a weakened (attenuated) or antigen component and gives the body prior notice and an upper hand in the cell wars battle. When invaded, the body can flow with a prepared assortment of antibodies and T cells that quickly overwhelm the intruders. Historically, Edward Jenner (a Christian physician) and Louis Pasteur (a creationist) provided the basis for immunization. In more recent times, Dr. Lance Plyler (Samaritan’s Purse physician) saved Dr. Kent Brantley (a Samaritan’s Purse physician and Time Man of the Year) with an Ebola antibody vaccine (ZMapp) in 2014. These represent how the blood “wises” up to enemies (pathogens or parasites) and overcomes their breakout.

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