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Published in the Journal of Creation, 17:70-72 2003.


What one believes about origins is a significant component of an overall worldview. An ongoing study at Liberty University is being conducted to define and measure a creationist worldview while determining factors that influence the beliefs and attitudes about origins in a Christian college student population. The Creation Worldview Test (CWT) was administered before and after completion of a required apologetics course. Previous attendance at a creation seminar or course was associated with a stronger initial creation worldview, however prior completion of a college science course appeared to have no impact. Importantly, students who attended a public high school had a significantly weaker initial creation worldview than those who attended Christian high schools or home school. Following the apologetics course which was taught from a young-Earth Creation perspective, a large number of students showed a much stronger creation worldview. In particular, the number of students in the ‘conservative Biblical theism’ category doubled from 64 to 128 (out of 195 students in the study). These results demonstrate the importance and the clear impact of teaching students from a young-Earth Creation perspective.