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Book Review: Biology: Principles and Perspectives

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Book Review


The book review can be found in Volume 39, Issue 1 at https://creationresearch.org/crsq-2000-to-2009/


I am pleased to report on a college-level textbook that not only provides a creation perspective, but also a biblical view on the sanctity of life and the environment. The textbook introduces students to every area of biology from ecosystems to molecules and challenges them to evaluate biological concepts and issues based upon the sound, biblical foundations that spawned western science. The book now offers a CD-ROM with graphics to help the instructor prepare overheads and handouts. As a college biology instructor, I am happy to offer my students a balanced, yet biblical perspective in all areas of general biology. For the past five years I have taught general biology at a Christian College with this text and have seen the book gradually expand and improve with each edition.