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The article can be found in Volume 5, Issue 4 at https://creationresearch.org/creation-matters-2000-to-2009/


Two thousand years after the writing of Psalm 139, Andreas Vesalius (Figure 1) began to unlock the mysteries of the human body. When Vesalius was born in Brussels in 1514, no one could have foreseen that anatomy would be changed forever. During Vesalius’ time, the teachings of the Greek physician Claudius Galen (130-201 A. D.) were the ultimate authority on anatomy. Because Galen had dissected very few (if any) human cadavers, his anatomical descriptions were limited to animal dissections. Galen’s works contained many errors because his conclusions regarding human body functions were based on data obtained from nonhuman animals. Vesalius developed a great interest in human anatomy that caused him to question certain aspects of Galen’s teachings and seek to prove them inaccurate. Vesalius, a devout Roman Catholic, understood there to be a Master Craftsman behind the fabric design in the human body.