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The article can be found in Volume 5, Issue 3 at https://creationresearch.org/creation-matters-2000-to-2009/


We wrote The Human Body: An Intelligent Design (Gillen et al. 1999) to help readers understand physiological principles in the human body from a creation perspective. The majority of biology and physiology textbooks bring an evolutionary perspective. Very few books and articles discuss a creation perspective on human anatomy and physiology.

I (ALG) have now written a second book (Gillen, 2000) entitled Body by Design: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body, that emphasizes historical and anatomical evidences for a creationbased science of the human body. Both books have been written to fill this gap in the literature on evidences of design found in the human body.

In this article, which is based in part on our earlier book, we take a brief look at design in the human body as revealed by the endocrine system.

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