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Animal Sciences | Aquaculture and Fisheries


Originally published in Taprobanica (The Asian Journal of Biodiversity). Permission has been granted by the publication to upload this contribution to Liberty University’s scholarly repository. All Rights Secured. No copy of this file may be sold or reprinted in whole or in part. To purchase the entire journal issue that contains this contribution, please visit the website of the publication (http://tapro.sljol.info/).

Sumontha, M., T.R. Brophy, K. Kunya, S. Wiboonatthapol, and O.S.G. Pauwels. 2016. A new snail-eating turtle of the genus Malayemys Lindholm, 1931 (Geoemydidae) from Thailand and Laos. Taprobanica (The Asian Journal of Biodiversity) 8(1): 1-9, plates 1-10.


We describe a snail-eating turtle, Malayemys isan sp. nov., from the Mekong River Basin in northeastern Thailand (Nong Bua Lamphu, Nong Khai and Udon Thani provinces) and the adjacent Vientiane area in Laos. The new species is readily distinguishable from M. subtrijuga by its two (vs. six to nine) nasal stripes, and from both M. subtrijuga and M. macrocephala by its thin, often discontinuous, infraorbital stripe that never reaches the loreal seam. This geographically-restricted new species is sold in several food markets throughout the species‟ distribution and is in urgent need of conservation measures.