Master of Arts (MA)


David Snead

Primary Subject Area

History, United States; History, Military; History, European; Military Studies; Political Science, International Law and Relations


Anglo-American, Blockade, Britain, Economic Warfare, Roosevelt, World War


American Politics | Diplomatic History | European History | History | International Relations | Military History | Political History | Political Science | United States History


An exploration of Anglo-American relations beginning in the interwar period to American involvement in World War II. This thesis explores the actions of the Ministry of Economic Warfare and how it affected Anglo-American relations before American commitment to the allied cause. It highlights the existing economic contention that existed between Great Britain and America before the conflict and acknowledges that the Britain and American alliance that is enjoyed today was not inevitable or necessarily desired by either nation. It demonstrates through the actions of the British Ministry of Economic Warfare the paradigm shift in Great Britain concerning the preservation of the empire against American competition to emphasis on home island survival in the Destroyer deal.