Communication Studies


Master of Arts (MA)


Stuart Schwartz

Primary Subject Area

Mass Communications; Sociology, General; Social Work; Journalism; Language, Rhetoric and Composition; Political Science, General; History, Latin American; History, Middle Eastern


Agenda Setting, Crisis, Darfur, Haiti, Newspaper, Rhetorical Criticism


Communication | Islamic World and Near East History | Journalism Studies | Latin American History | Mass Communication | Political Science | Rhetoric and Composition | Social Influence and Political Communication


The media acts as a gatekeeper and decides what material to cover and what not to cover. In order to better understand why one disaster receives media coverage and another crisis is virtually unnoticed by the media, the motives behind covering one story over another is analyzed in this study. Three major American newspaper articles concerning the Haitian earthquake and the crisis in Darfur are examined in order to discover the media's motives for covering Haiti over Darfur.