Master of Theology (ThM)


Gary Yates

Primary Subject Area

History, Ancient; Jewish Studies; Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, General; Religion, Philosophy of


Canaanites, Conquest, Genocide, Joshua, War


Biblical Studies | Ethics in Religion | History | Jewish Studies | Religion


The Old Testament command to destroy every breathing thing within the cities of the Promised Land has long been a problem for those who seek to understand God. In some cases this has become welcome fodder for those who desire to question the credibility of Scripture, while for others it just creates an ethical gap that is simply too far to cross. This thesis will address the challenging issue by demonstrating how God's command to destroy the Canaanites was an essential component of his redemptive plan in that it brought to fruition the goals of the Abrahamic Covenant and established a line to Christ who would become the ultimate redeemer of the world.