Communication Studies


Master of Arts (MA)


Carey Martin

Primary Subject Area

Mass Communications


E-books, Katz, Lazarsfeld, Uses and Gratifications


Communication | Communication Technology and New Media


Paul F. Lazarsfeld's theory of uses and gratifications looks at why people chose to use or not use the media that is available to them. It was first used with the technology of radio and eventually applied to various other forms of media technologies such as comic books, television, and the Internet. In this study, the researcher expands uses and gratifications research to include one of the newest communication technologies -- e-books. Participants of the study completed a survey in regards to their electronic and print reading habits, and the results of the survey along with quantitative data found in press releases from various e-book companies answers four research question in regards to who uses e-books, why people chose to use or not use e-books, and how the sales of e-books differ in comparison to traditional print books.