Senior Honors Theses

Publication Date



School of Divinity


Religion: Biblical Studies


Niebuhr, Christ, Culture, Engagement, Wright, N.T., Anabaptist, Fair, Christian, Historical, Religious, Right


Biblical Studies | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Ethics in Religion | Practical Theology | Sociology of Religion


This research engages H. Richard Niebuhr’s work, Christ and Culture. Niebuhr’s book is a seminal work on the historical trends of Christian cultural engagement. This research applies several tests to the paradigm demonstrated in Niebuhr’s work. These tests demonstrate that Christ and Culture presents a paradigm that lacks fairness and does not adequately meet the goals of an explanatory paradigm. Niebuhr’s paradigm has shaped the discussion of Christian cultural engagement for over fifty years, and this research was done to demonstrate the need for new conversation-shaping paradigms in the field of Christian cultural engagement.