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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Charlie Davidson

Primary Subject Area

Theology; Religion, General; Religion, Clergy


Christianity | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Missions and World Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


This thesis is designed to help church leaders establish a lay leadership development process in a local church, especially in a Korean church with a size between 300 and 1,000 church members. In the first part, the fundamental knowledge of leadership is described, including the characteristics of leadership concerning lay leadership development, the reasons why a local church should develop lay leaders, and what the leaders should develop through the process. In the second part, a lay leadership development process and how to establish it in a local church is described. In the third part, Hyesung Church's leadership development process is described and evaluated based on what is established in this thesis. This thesis concludes with recommendations of seven principles (7 Ps) which a local church needs to keep remembering while the church develops the process: Purpose, Philosophy, People, Process, Practice, Progression, and Persistence.