Michael DubeFollow


School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Kathie Morgan

Primary Subject Area

Education, General; Education, Teacher Training; Education, Administration; Political Science, General


School Crisis Plan, School Safety, School Security, Terrorism Preparedness


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Political Science | Teacher Education and Professional Development


This study examined the state of safety and terrorist attack preparedness in Rhode Island Schools as determined by Rhode Island school leader perceptions. The study is descriptive in nature as it gathers data to describe a particular event or situation. Using a researcher generated survey based on terrorist preparedness guidelines and suggestions in part from the Department of Homeland Security (2007), U.S. Department of Education (2007), National School Safety Center (2005), and National Association of School Resource Officers (2005), Rhode Island school administrators were asked to use a Likert rating scale to indicate levels of agreement with accepted terrorist preparedness strategies. Field testing was conducted to increase content validity and the statistical internal reliability of the instrument was calculated to have a reliability coefficient of .95 as calculated using Cronbach's Alpha. The responses of Rhode Island school administrators (N=100) were examined and the study suggests that Rhode Island schools have potentially significant gaps in school safety and terrorist attack preparedness.