School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Rebecca Harrison

Primary Subject Area

Education, General; Education, Reading; Education, Bilingual and Multicultural; Education, Elementary


Academic Language, English Learners, Reading Instruction


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods | Liberal Studies


This collective case study explored how third-grader English learners (ELs) acquire academic language to learn reading comprehension skills in a classroom setting. Many ELs have acquired basic interpersonal communication skills, but have not mastered cognitive academic language proficiency, or academic language. The researcher selected six third-grade ELs who functioned as developing and expanding learners. Although many of these students can read text and use problem-solving strategies to blend words and read fluently, they may experience difficulties understanding academic language. Data was collected through observation, interviews with the ELs two mainstream teachers, document anlysis, and field notes. Using open coding, the researcher reviewed the collected data to determine common trends and categories. If mainstream teachers use the appropriate strategies and techniques to help devleop ELs academic language and reading comprehension skills, the researcher believes these students will become successful learners.