December 2007

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Scott B. Watson

Primary Subject Area

Education, Curriculum and Instruction


National Board Certification, Five Core Propositions, National Board for Professional Teaching Standard, Assessor


This study examined the relationship of perceptions of national board-certified teachers and eligible but non-certified national board teachers in the process of national board certification. The primary participant population for this study consisted of 47 national board-certified teachers and 282 eligible but non-certified national board teachers from Johnston County, North Carolina. Data was collected in a study which was electronically conducted in June 2005. The data sources included the application of this research and research from a previously administered study conducted on eligible but non-certified national board teachers in Tennessee. Factors that were analyzed included gender, years of experience and level of degree attained. The findings indicate that there was a significant difference between each group’s responses to the statements within the subgroups indicating that there is a difference in the perceptions of the two groups studied from Johnston County. In comparing the responses of the non-certified national board-certified teachers of Johnston County to their counterparts from Tennessee, the findings signified that there was a difference in the overall perceptions of the national board certification process. In NC there were no significant differences found when looking between subjects but there were significant differences found within subjects. In Tennessee, significant differences were found in gender and years of experience but not in degrees attained. In conclusion, significant differences were found in both hypotheses so there was no agreement to either hypothesis.

The study also indicated that the North Carolina study group had a favorable opinion of the national board certification process while the Tennessee study group expressed a negative opinion of the process.