School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Mark A. Lamport

Primary Subject Area

Education, General; Education, Reading; Education, Curriculum and Instruction; Education, Music; Music; Education, Elementary


automatic information processing, fluency, music, prosody, reading


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | First and Second Language Acquisition | Liberal Studies | Music


The study examined music-integrated (MI) instruction, framed by automatic information processing theory and elements of prosody. A quasi-experimental, pre- and posttest design was utilized to ascertain the effect of MI instruction on reading fluency among first grade students. Subjects were students in two public elementary schools in Georgia. To determine the effect of MI instruction on reading fluency scores, independent samples t-tests were employed to compare students' Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS) test scores. Analysis revealed to what degree MI instruction in reading had effect upon two DIBELS indicators, specifically nonsense word fluency (NWF) and phoneme segmentation fluency (PSF) scores. Researching the application of MI instruction to the teaching of reading establishes its potential impact upon academic rigor and pedagogical creativity.