Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Charlie Davidson

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


church growth, education, evangelism, leadership, ministry, South Korea


Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Religion


The purpose of this study is to find strategies of healthy church growth and apply them to local churches in the United State and South Korea. The model of church used was Jang Choong Presbyterian church (JCPC). This paper utilized surveys; this project also analyzed the current conditions of JCPC, exploring growth factors such as: Worship, Fellowship, Training, Ministry, and Evangelism. The factors of healthy church was investigated and delineated based on literature reviews, on the personal studies and questionnaire surveys submitted to members of JCPC. This project suggested eight principles to build healthy churches including JCPC and local churches in Korea for the decade years. Finally, this paper recommends missions for the healthy church by using acrostic C.H.U.R.C.H.