School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Gary W Kuhne

Primary Subject Area

Education, General


21st Century Learning, Professional Development, Technology Integration, Technology Self-Efficacy


Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


Factors influencing teachers` levels of technology self-efficacy were examined through a qualitative multi-site, multi-subject case study research design. An initial survey was administered to all full-time, certified teachers at three school sites in order to gauge teachers` current level of technology self-efficacy. From that population, purposive and systematic samplings were used to draw the participants for the case study. A group of nine teachers with varying levels of technology self-efficacy was interviewed and participated in one of three focus groups to better understand factors influencing their current level of self-efficacy. A document analysis was also performed of local school professional development plans. Results revealed several factors that influenced teachers` technology self-efficacy, including personal, behavioral, and environmental factors. Common themes emerged that indicate more can be done to foster increased technology self-efficacy in teachers, which may in turn enhance students` learning experiences.