School of Education


Doctor of Education (EdD)


Clarence Holland

Primary Subject Area

Education, Technology


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


This study examined the impact of interactive whiteboard use on student engagement and appropriate at-task behaviors of junior high school students. Two hundred twenty-six students at two public schools in northeast Florida were observed during the second quarter of the school year. Data were collected using an at-task checklist, and students completed an attitude survey regarding their perception of their own engagement and enjoyment with interactive whiteboard use. Significant differences were noted in student behavior between instruction without interactive whiteboard use and instruction with interactive whiteboard use. No significant correlations were found between the variables gender and ethnicity and improved student behavior. Results indicate that use of the interactive whiteboard as an instructional tool has a beneficial effect on student engagement in classroom lessons and leads to improved student behavior. Suggestions for further research are incorporated as part of the study results.