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About This Journal

The Journal for the Christian Pre-Law Society is a partnership between Liberty University’s Helms School of Government and the Christian Legal Society. It is an academic journal where undergraduate students can write an article, and have their article published before even going to law school. This journal functions similar to a law review, and includes student as well as faculty editors. The journal focuses on exploration of the impact of the Christian worldview on contemporary legal issues.

Once a student submits a prospective article, it is reviewed by the editorial board. The editorial board will choose which works it will accept for an upcoming edition of the journal. Once a work is accepted, the editorial board will work with the student to refine the student’s work into a publishable article in terms of content and formatting. Finally, the article is published in the Journal for the Christian Pre-Law Society.

Through the research required to write an article for the journal, a student develops a deep understanding of the topic of the article. Additionally, the experience of researching, writing, and publishing an article is an invaluable and rewarding process that will prepare a student well for law school.